Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Additional study questions for second half of day 2 MGT 512

NOTE: The study questions seemed a bit sparse for today’s session, so I created a few more. Please note that I do not have the books, so I worked directly from the slides. This will probably be off from your books, but gives you a pretty good idea where to look.

What is a next generation firewall? Slide 127

What is the primary advantage to egress filtering? Slide 131

Data analysts have a consistent basis for traffic analysis and rule generation because of      _________________ that converts input into a format the signature rules expect to see .
 Slide 141

Which costs more to operate, IDS or IPS and why? Slide 147

What is the difference between Type  1 and Type 2 Virtualization? Slide 158

Why has Antivirus reached a limit? Slide 168

Name a technical control we can use in configuration management?  __________________ Slide 175

How does RAID 5 try to prevent data loss due to disk physical problems? Slide 196

Of C I A, which is probably most important for a bank or financial institution? Slide 204

Name as many architectural approaches to Defense in Depth as possible? Slide 234

Why should we be cautious about using the word “will” in security policy? Slide255

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