Saturday, April 27, 2013

The increasingly documented world

Since I do not watch TV, I miss a lot and fail to chronicle events that many people see. I was reading a Forbes article on a recent Apple commercial. Fortunately there is a copy on Youtube. The punch line was more photos are taken every day with the iPhone than with any other camera.

Next week in San Diego I am part of a panel on emerging trends. The fact that everyone with a smart phone is a journalist is hardly news, but the trend gets stronger every week. Where did the photos and videos of the Boston bombing shootout largely come from and what were they posted to?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Daemon - Book Review

I do not normally read fiction, it is so hard to keep up with security as it is. However Wesley McGrew recommended the book and he is one sharp cookie, so I ordered it from Amazon. The premise, at least I think it is the premise, this is a complex book, is that a video game genius dies ( are we sure he is dead; this we is not, I saw Swordfish ) and leaves a computer program that is essentially taking over the world for its own purposes.

There was a detective involved, (Sebeck), but they frame him and kill him off ( not sure why). As the book comes to a close we are down to two people with a clue, a smart pretty girl at NSA, (Phillips), and a mysterious hacker, (Ross).

We do not really seem to come to a conclusion, but Wesley also recommended I buy Freedom which I did. Here is hoping we get to some conclusion for Daemon Industries LLC in the second book.

It is a dangerous book for a geek to read, make no mistake about it. 632 pages means when you realize you are hooked, you are going to pull an all nighter because you can't put the book down. There is no chance I am going to pick up Freedom today, tonight I have to sleep and I have an important meeting tomorrow. Thank heavens for the $20.00 bag of 100% Kona coffee at Costco. First pot of coffee for the year, but I really need it.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Phone Spear Phishing?

Just got a phone call and it was not on the office phone line, it was on our backup line. The incoming phone number was blocked.

Indian sounding accent. I am from the Microsoft Systems Support, may I speak to the owner of the computer.

Well sir, we have a number of computers here, which one.

The one that belongs to Kathy.

Kathy was also in the office, so I handed her the phone.

Ma'am you have downloaded a malicious file and we need to help you clean it up.

Thank you sir, what do I need to do.

Boot your computer.

It is already running.

OK, do you see the start button?

No, do you mean finder?

Ma'am it looks like a flag and it is on the bottom left side of your screen.

The thing on my computer on the bottom left side of the screen looks like a happy face.

Ma'am you should have a flag shaped icon to start your Windows computer.

But sir, it is a Mac.

Sorry to have troubled you Ma'am; goodbye.

Mike Poor turned me on to this link that shares a lot more information: