Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Defending Defense Contractors (recruiting)

I received an email that I have edited for clarity:

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There is a vulnerable HR process in the workflow of most DoD contracting firms around the beltway.

I can't tell you how many recruiters cold call me with an open position that may or may not be funded.  In the old days, you would come in for an interview and meet the FSO, (Facility Security Officer) to process your JPAS, (Joint Personnel Adjudication System..  For some firms, this is too expensive now.

As the potential victim to ID theft schemes we should consider an alternate approach.

We should have better tools to validate these DoD contracting recruiters.

Do you know of any like minded souls interested in embarking on a journey to defend "The Defense Contractor" ?

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It seems like a good point for several reasons. So my question, especially to the recruiters in my network is what are the characteristics that make a DoD contracting recruiter trustworthy?