Tuesday, May 12, 2015

If you are in Virginia consider Mach 37

I received the following by email:

Mentors and Friends of MACH37,

We could use your support in spreading the word to startups working on promising new security products (or technologies that you'd like to see in the market) that MACH37 is preparing for the Fall 2015 (F15) cohort . Please let them know about MACH37 or feel free to introduce us to them. 

The soft application deadline for the upcoming F15 Cohort (September 8 - December 8) is June 1st... just around the corner!

Please let anyone you know that we are excited to chat with them about MACH37 or feel free to introduce us to them and recommend they reach out to us and apply for the F-15 program... soon.

Below are some details about the MACH37 F15 cohort and the application link that you can cut and paste.

Thank you for helping to make MACH37's F15 cohort a great success.

Apply Here

Soft Deadline
June 1, 2015
*** We highly encourage all interested entrepreneurs  to apply by this date.  The MACH37 team will start reviewing and extending invitations to interview in June and will be extending offers to accepted applicants, to the F15 Cohort, in July. 

Fall 2015 Start and End Date
September 8th - December 8th

Basic Deal
$50K for 8% and active (full) participation in the 90 day on-site program at the MACH37 facilities in Herndon, VA.


About MACH37
Twice a year, MACH37 invests in a class of 5-8 security startups, each of which participates in an intensive 3-month (90 day) program that allows entrepreneurs to validate their disruptive cybersecurity concepts and prepare their companies for investment. The program brings together domain experts, successful cybersecurity entrepreneurs, as well as focused mentorship from our extensive network of visionaries, practitioners, and successful security entrepreneurs as well as investors familiar with the security market. The MACH37  program is designed to propel graduating companies into the marketplace, equipped with the skills to grow and compete for funding and market share.  At the end of 3 months there is a Demo Day presentation to an ever growing investor community.

Please Contact Us With Questions
Ledger West - ledger.west@mach37.com
Rick Gordon - rick.gordon@mach37.com
Bob Stratton - bob.stratton@mach37.com
Dan Woolley - dan.woolley@mach37.com
Copyright © 2015 MACH37, All rights reserved. 
You are receiving this email because you are a friend of Mach37. 

Our mailing address is: 
2214 Rock Hill Road, Herndon, VA, United States
Suite 270
Herndon, VA 20170

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Whoops, (Little Snitch, Mac, Safari, infoRisk TODAY)

Yesterday, I was teaching using GoToTraining. I run an outbound firewall called Little Snitch. You would not believe how many outbound connections that product requires and worse many of them to not resolve.

Fortunately I started preparing almost an hour before the training and finally realized allowing each connection wasn't going to work. So, I finally decided to disable outbound filtering.

This morning, I had an email from a group called infoRisk TODAY. Not sure how I got it, guessing they bought a mailing list. One of the articles, an interview with the CEO of BB&T looked interesting. So I clicked on that link. Ghostery showed the usual suspects, so these people do want to track you.

After a minute the screen darkened and a little box popped up. I killed the tab. And realized outbound filtering was still disabled. Whoops. I used Safari Preferences to clear cookies and website data, (I have Safari set to always block cookies, but some stuff gets in anyway). Then I killed Safari and ran CCleaner to get the stuff Safari doesn't take care of.

Then I went back. The popup still got through everything. Time for me to revisit how I harden my general purpose browsing. Screenshot with partially successful popup is below.

Then it was time to unsubscribe from infoRisk TODAY. That took me to a screen that said my first name was Suzy, funny, I thought it was Stephen. Sigh, it is sad when you can't tell the good guys from the bad guys.