Thursday, August 15, 2013

Shame on you Doctor Ponemon

Gosh, I always respected the Ponemon institute. However today, I got the same SPAM for the second time; no way to unsubscribe, "take me off your list" resulted in an undeliverable response. How much did you sell out for Doctor P?

When I was growing up, the black sheep of my family told me to never break the law or risk ruining my reputation for anything less than a million and that would have been 1965 dollars.

By the way, you probably are not the "pre-eminent" research center dedicated to information security policy, that would be either Information Shield ( Charles Cresson Woods/David Lineman) , Princeton, or SANS (Michelle Guel/Stephen Northcutt). Google doesn't lie; type in "Information Security Policy" and see if you make the top slot. And guess what; none of us at the top brag and Shield and SANS make efforts to help one another, ( and I would be honored to work with Princeton).

Doctor, I think you owe the information security community an apology. Don't do it on my account. Don't even do it because your partnership SPAMed me ( twice). Do it to preserve your reputation and fly straight from now on. Stephen
SPAM is pasted below:
Security training has long been criticized for being boring, unengaging and lacking the ability to measure success. Organizations have found it difficult and are often reluctant to invest in unproven programs.

Today there is a better option - an innovative security education solution that is proven to get results.

The Ponemon Institute, the pre-eminent research center dedicated to privacy, data protection and information security policy, released the Executive Summary of a research study evaluating the effectiveness of SecurED®.

Key findings include:

SecurED outperforms the alternative training intervention by 300% in long term gains
Subjects perceive SecurED as more relevant to their job functions than the alternate
Subjects perceive SecurED as more enjoyable than the alternative intervention
Additionally, the research provided interesting findings specific to gender, age, employee role, industry and more.

To download the summary report CLICK HERE!

Final report will be available mid-August.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

SCAM? Strategic Business Communications

I received an email from one of my bosses saying please define the job code for this invoice.

I knew nothing about them so I wrote back and copied Diane. She did some research and then Tiffany found some links that assert their invoices are fraudulent. Diane followed up with some additional research and found:

Apparently, their business model is to send out fake invoices. Glad the company was so diligent to research. Wow!