Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Security guy cleans out his closet

egargarbage day on Kauai is this Friday and Kathy and I are actually on island. Time to finally clean out the office closet.

Someone wrote a hex test pattern on these batteries? Wonder why?

USB wireless, I thought that was built into chips? Mike Poor had the first one of these I ever saw. As soon as the conference was over, I got mine.

DSL modem

200 Gig disk drive big enough to use as a club

Stack of ancient laptops, drives removed.

Satellite modem

Hub, dated 7 centuries before Hubspot.

First remote clicker/laser pointer on the market, 6" long, purchased on a pilgramge to Frye's.

Nokia, not so smart phone

Palm Pilot Keyboard, gotta have one of these.

Clearly there is a ghost in these machines!


  1. A highly underated task but it provides so many benefits. I hope you enjoy all the empty Space the clean up provides. At my house, that Space gets filled in under a week... ;)

  2. It's funny things you thought were junk yesterday, may be very valuable today. I wish i still had all the hubs I tossed over the years to use in Incident response today.