Friday, April 1, 2016

Browser: long email links

NOTE: I do not use drugs recreationally. However I am a Washington state resident and so I am interested in the news about the use of legal marijuana to some extent.

Today, I received an email note about marijuana in Canada, (I have a Google alert on the word Canada), and the teaser said "following Colorado and Washington", so I wanted to open the note. My habit is to never click on a link, (and if I screw up because I am in a hurry, my default browser is Firefox/NoScript so I am fairly safe). Instead, I copy the link and paste it into the appropriate browser, in this case Authentic8 Silo.

Here is the link:

The good news is that any scripting and cookies remain in Silo. The bad news is that someone, somewhere, knows my email address opened the note. So what if I just change the last character of the very long link?

Sure enough the page opened, and there is a good chance they don't know I opened it:

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