Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Global Intelligence Acquired Covertly, (GIAC), is please to announce our newest certification, the GCHQ. The GCHQ is your opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of the Zero Knowledge Reproof, (ZKR).

GIAC's Hero's Quest, (GCHQ), is the highest level of IntelWars. All Your SIMs Belong to Us, (AYSBU) is an automated adventure game/role-playing game hybrid, designed by a joint unit consisting of operatives from the NSA and its British counterpart Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ, (recursion alert), and available in both tournament mode and continuous play. Feedback from beta testers give it credit for being a genre-defining test of skill mixing graphical adventure gaming with role-playing-like elements such as statistic building (cryptoanalysis, Intel microcode hijacking, or electricity sinewave manipulation for remote access) that would actually have an impact on the ability to accomplish certain parts of the simulation. Candidates have 72 hours to locate and acquire the private keys from Geppetto, an international digital security company providing smart cards, tokens and the world's most secure Subscriber Identify Module, (SIM).

About GIAC: GIAC is a software engineering company with over 20 years experience acquiring crypto keys. We are known for creating "factory smooth" performance software with exceptional power and reliability. Our software replaces the security software in your organization's perimeter devices.

GIACs development team employs proprietary GIAC software and a variety of debuggers, emulators and scopes to tackle the most complex cryptoanalysis problems. Our dedicated research facilities just outside of Fort Meade, Maryland, houses the world's fastest Deconfibulator and state of the art tools for developing and testing software. Expertise in software and circuit design, combined with an understanding of embedded technology, enable us to offer a broad range of tuning solutions.

Our motto is: "No more secrets except for ours".

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(Happy April 1st)

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