Tuesday, August 6, 2013

SCAM? Strategic Business Communications

I received an email from one of my bosses saying please define the job code for this invoice.

I knew nothing about them so I wrote back and copied Diane. She did some research and then Tiffany found some links that assert their invoices are fraudulent. Diane followed up with some additional research and found:

Apparently, their business model is to send out fake invoices. Glad the company was so diligent to research. Wow!


  1. We received exactly same invoice today... I mean everything was the same even a penny. Thank you!!!!

  2. This scam is still active, we received an invoice from Strategic Business Communications but the amount was 3495. I initially thought it was a media vendor we do business with, after a little research and a link, thankfully, to your blog we were able to determine it's a scam. Thanks you! ~dr

  3. For your users that need access to older web applications not yet qualified for Chrome, Penrith Alarms

  4. It appears the scam is still active. We just received a paper mail invoice for $3,495.00 addressed to "Accounts Payable" at our office address. We are only a 2-man team, so it was easy to confirm this was not for any service either of us signed up for.

  5. Still active - just received an invoice today from them. Glad we pay attention.