Wednesday, October 3, 2012

VOIP in the cloud

I was updating my course, MGT 512 day 1 and there is a section on VOIP. Did some Google searches to see what is new for VOIP and just was not finding anything, then I found a page that pointed to Youtube videos. What an incredible resource. There was a great explanation of SIP trunking that any CIO of a mid-size business should see. The potential cost savings are impressive. But the big eye opener is how many VOIP cloud providers have sprung up. This could really save a startup company a lot of money, just buy the IP phones or even use software phones that can work from PCs, Macs, iPads and such. In just a decade, the sunk cost of hardware for voice communications has dropped by an overwhelming amount of money, they most of these solutions do want a monthly subscription per user, but I bet with some research it gets pretty cheap.

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